Sustainable Living

Many of us today have a sense that something has been lost in our communities: the connection to where our food comes from, long commutes, and work that is disconnected from the needs of our community; the comfort in knowing and helping our neighbors.  This, coupled with the separation from our extended family serves to make individuals, and even families isolated from their environment and their community.  New housing developments, and “revitalization” projects do not serve to reconnect people to each other and their environment.

But people working collectively within their existing communities can.

Community-based, urban farms, the sharing of experience, skills, and needs can be a means for people to forge that bond with their neighbors and community that has been systematically driven from our experience and memory.

Sustainable Living projects seek to encourage neighbors to come together in mutual, collective support for each others’ needs as well as the needs of the community.

We believe that this can truly be a change through sharing.

We know there are literally thousands of community building projects going on around the world.  And we want to hear and learn about them all.  So please let us know what you are doing in your community