Police Accountability App

Freddie Gray Protest

The Center is currently creating a hotline for residents of West Baltimore to report police misconduct.  Victims can report misconduct and have the assistance of a civil rights attorney help them file a complaint with the Citizen Review Board.  If they don’t want to file a formal complaint, the incident will be entered into a data base to document and support the need for reform of citizen oversight and policing strategies.

With the help of cellphones and police cameras, police misconduct, abuse, and killings has been exposed.  The number of incidents is staggering.  In the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, a study done by No Boundaries Coalition in collaboration with BUILD and the University of Maryland, documented the stories of the residents of West Baltimore of police abuse and misconduct.  Many were afraid to give their identities in this report.  Most never reported it or filed formal complaints for fear of retaliation by police – many had such stories.  This initiative will give those people support and a voice.

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