Sustainable and Just Communities Forum

The Center is proud to have been an integral part of The Sustainable and Just Communities Forum held at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center this past Wednesday.  It was an excellent program organized and coordinated by Ms Silvie Suri.  Presentations regarding issues, including incarceration and reparations were part of this diverse program.  The unifying theme of the evening was the empowerment of the people to control and shape their own communities in ways that are beneficial to them.

Professor Richard Weisskoff of the University of Miami presented the concept of Unicas, a member-based, community-organized lending and alternative economic system. This system is being implemented throughout Latin America.  There is also a Unica active in Homestead, Florida.  This is a system that enables everyone, especially poor and excluded communities to have access to financial resources without being subject to usurious fees and interest charges.

Professor Weisskoff gave an excellent presentation and explanation of how the system works.