October 2018 archive

Making Elections Truly Representative

This series of videos explains what is wrong with the United States’ winner-take-all voting system.  They examine ‘the Spoiler effect” endemic in a two-party system, gerrymandering, and other problems stemming from limited voting systems.  They also outline several voting alternatives that lead to fairer, more representative results.  Watch the videos

Circus McGurkis St. Pete

The Center is looking forward to taking part in the Quakers Circus McGurkis 2018 Fall event.  The Quakers have been putting on this peace event for many years.  It is always well attended and we look forward to meeting many new people and letting them know about all the great community work The Center is …

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Participatory Budgeting Goes Large

Participatory Budgeting is a process that directs a portion of a city’s (or other organization’s) budget to be spent on a project (or projects) developed and selected by the community.  In New York City, in 2018, more than $40 million is being allocated in this way; a mere 0.05% of the city’s overall budget, but, …

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justice for ALL

The Center is proud to support this new, grassroots organization in the Baltimore area.  Keith Page, Lead Organizer said: ” I started JFA to help give voice to people who feel powerless and voiceless in times of social injustice”.  We have been working with Keith and his team to organize and start community outreach.  With …

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