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  2. Kate Raworth On Why We Need A Thriving Not Growing Economy — May 19, 2018
  4. OPENING DOORS TO SUCCESS — May 15, 2018
  5. A Revolution In Thinking About The Economy — May 9, 2018

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May 23

Doughnut Economics

Take a look at the Kate Raworth video post to learn more about “Doughnut Economics”   a model that includes the living Earth, our “natural resource” in the economic equation. Startling and innovative

May 19

Kate Raworth On Why We Need A Thriving Not Growing Economy

Kate proposes a radial approach to implementing a regenerative, distributive economic alternative to the endless growth paradigm of Capitalism.  How do we create a “steady state”, resilient economy that provides for the needs of all people while honoring the living environment? Here’s Kate Raworth’s ideas….

May 15


We are very happy to report that The Center has been invited to make a presentation on our project NAVIGATING BARRIERS TO REENTRY at the 2018 Reentry Practitioners’ Symposium, being held May 17 in Sykesville, Maryland.  Ms Phyllis Trettien, Program Manger and Center co-founder, along with other project team members will be leading the presentation …

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May 15


As part of our Social Justice Initiative, The Center has embarked on a major project to develop a guide to reentry.  Navigating Barriers To Reentry is designed as a web-based, self-help resource for individuals returning to their communities after incarceration and the professionals who assist them.  more than 6,000 individuals return to their communities after …

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May 09

A Revolution In Thinking About The Economy

There is much creative thinking and doing in the development of alternatives to the current economic model of predatory Capitalism.  The notions of growth and development without limits has come face-to-face with reality….THERE ARE LIMITS. Many new and exciting experiments are in progress around the world, using bleeding-edge technology, to IMPLEMENT THE ALTERNATIVE to economics …

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Jan 05

Democracy Convention

This past summer, we attended the Democracy Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was a busy and interesting 4 days of workshops, lectures, and presentations on a wide range of issues and topics; from peace studies to monetary policy, human rights to a discussion of the viability of blockchain technology. The event is organized by the …

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Jul 07

Women’s Reentry Project Presents at Major U.S. Conference

The Women in Transition project is a collaborative initiative whose mission is to shed light on and work toward reducing the specific and unique barriers that women face when transitioning from prison back to their families and communities.  We realize that the specific and unique needs of women are often not well understood nor adequately …

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Jul 06

Police Accountability App

The Center is currently creating a hotline for residents of West Baltimore to report police misconduct.  Victims can report misconduct and have the assistance of a civil rights attorney help them file a complaint with the Citizen Review Board.  If they don’t want to file a formal complaint, the incident will be entered into a …

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Jun 21

More Than 1.5 Million Floridians Do Not Have The Right To Vote

Thanks to the great investigative work of the Florida ACLU and the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County, we have a better understanding of the effect Florida’s voter disfranchisement policies have on our democracy.  Since 1868 Florida has barred people convicted of a felony from voting until the have had their civil rights …

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Aug 07

Sustainable and Just Communities Forum

The Center is proud to have been an integral part of The Sustainable and Just Communities Forum held at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center this past Wednesday.  It was an excellent program organized and coordinated by Ms Silvie Suri.  Presentations regarding issues, including incarceration and reparations were part of this diverse program.  The unifying …

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